MAVERYC is on its way back!

Watch this space for news on the re-release of Pax Bochemannica through Maveryc as well as new supporting packs of miniatures!

Also, we’ll have new background, artwork and hobby articles from the mad minds of the Maveryc Design Team to whet the appetite.

Until we’re back up and running at full speed, our friends over at Caliver Books have Pax Bochemannica and the current range of supporting miniatures on their site.



It is not given to mortals to know the purposes of the gods.

It is but for us to travel the pathways we find before our feet and hope we do not stray too far or become lost.

For I say unto you, traveller, better it is to know your way home than to have to ask a Prefect when you’ve bin having a night on the town an’ you were just enjoying yourself an’ singing a bit, an’ you weren’t doin’ any harm to anyone but the copper ba**ard still arrests you for disturbing the flamin’ peace anyway, and carts you down to the cells where he and his mates have a great time kickin’ seven bells of sh*t out of you...... 

Graznius the cronikler


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